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Clarksville is a unique place. We live, shop, eat, and play in the heart of America and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Five Star Media Group is presenting Clarksville’s Best in 2020 to engage the community in celebrating the places, restaurants and local businesses we love.

Clarksville's Best Magazine

Clarksville's Best will have strong support from Five Star Media Group. Nominations and voting will be driven by recorded promotional commercials and live support on all seven stations. Additional paid and organic social media promotion will accompany the promotion

We will be publishing our Clarksville's Best Magazine. This will become the most comprehensive guide to all things voted best!  Explore the opportunities to be included! You don't have to be a winner to be included in this great advertising opportunity!

Five Star Media Group has invested over $100,000 in on-air support and social media promoting the Clarksville's Best, driving participation and ensuring success for our community and local businesses.

Results Publish

Make sure you are part of our all new Magazine!

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